In the field of Cognitive Science and Linguistics, it is pointed out that the speakers Grounding process is an essential to build mutual understandings and establish common ground. In our laboratory we are examining what kind of cognitive mechanisms and the interactive process influence the success of grounding. We also analyze how speakers use their nonverbal information’s such as gaze behaviors along with verbal information. These research are carried out by conducting psychological experiments and computational modeling. On analyzing multimodal information, we focus on indicators such as eye-movements and facial expressions.

Lexical Alignment

Hoshida, M., Tamura, M., and Hayashi, Y. (2017). Lexical Entrainment Toward Conversational Agents: An Experimental Study on Top-down Processing and Bottom-up Processing. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Human Agent Interaction, 189-194.

Media Effect

林勇吾・三輪和久(2011), コミュニケーション齟齬における他者視点の理解, 認知科学, 18(4),569-584

Predicting Communication States from Listener’s view

黄宏軒・澁澤紗優美・林勇吾・川越恭二(2016),傾聴エージェントの実現に向けた傾聴会話参加者の自他評価による数値化モデルの提案, ヒューマンインタフェース学会論文誌,18(4),373-384

Predicting dialogue and gaze movements